Jim Beam Single Barrel

I’ve been sitting on this article for a while–or laying off the last of this whiskey, at the least.  I’ve had a mental block, a loss of flow.  Shit, I haven’t got an angle on it.  I like to come at these pieces with a direction, a back story, something that brings me to a point on the whiskey.  It gives me the illusion of creativity.  Anyways, I haven’t really got an angle for this article, that’s my goddamn angle.  Pretty lame.  But you see, I’ve been working my ass off, draining myself, ever since I got back from Mississippi (which probably should be the source of some future angle).  Working 7 days a week does not seem to be the ideal creative fodder, for me at least.  Anyways, enough rambling to elongate your suffering.  To the point, whiskey. The good thing about working non-stop is that I can afford a decent bottle every once in a while to take the sting out of life.  This long delayed bottle?  Jim Beam Single Barrel. 


Bottled at 95 proof, in this case from barrel 9/139 on February 18, 2014.  I think this bottle ran me just short of $30, which is right around the range of quite a few other f upper mid / sub-premium bourbons, yet twice the price of regular Beam and an Evan Williams more than Beam Black.  First off, nose: very soft, subtle orange and a light sweetness, but really very…ethereal?  I’m not sure I’ve ever found a lighter nose; I basically snorted this stuff to smell it.  The initial taste finds that citrus note fully expressed, with a tinge of acidity, and some dark sweetness that fades into a tad bit of oak, almost no vanilla and a lovely warming baking spice finish.  Overall, this is very tame at 95 proof, and very subtle and well rounded.  It’s as easy drinking as the other Beam labels tend to be, but it certainly is clear that they’ve gone to lengths in selecting their barrels.  My take away, my angle, if you will?  This is the perfect bourbon for an overwrought, overworked mind.  Easy drinking, subtle, so smooth you don’t have to think about it—just take a sip and it does the work for you. 

I’m back from my vacation and have a couple planned whiskey reviews, and perhaps a couple beer ones too. I haven’t much felt like writing, but I’ll make sure to put my fingers to the keys soon so you have something to read. In the meantime enjoy Mr. Tambourine Man.

Getting Back on Track

I’m well aware that I’ve been sparse on this new blog of mine.  While I enjoy this release of the words that clutter my head, I’ve had a lot going on that have drained my words and occupied my mind.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve spent 3 night playing music til dawn, far more nights playing music until alcohol overwhelmed my willingness to be awake, and have had a hell of a great time thanks to my old home friends—they’ve again departed back to grinding life.  So be it.  I’ve blown off a few reviews I meant to do, sadly, and that means I’m going to have to drink those bottles of booze again.  Oh, dash-it-all. Anyways, this is my solemn and unsworn vow–I’m going to try to do more posting until the next collapse into madness.  I’ll probably branch out a bit too.  I’d like to show a little more than the booze and blues of me, but we’ll see if I am able to make that work.  Until the next post…