I had no idea this video existed until today. I’m shocked, stunned, and thrilled. Hound Dog Taylor was probably the first blues musician that caught my ear. It was “Give me Back my Wig,” off an Alligator Records compilation. I don’t remember when I first heard that song, or exactly when I first got hooked on the blues. But I know it was that song, and when I first started my own radio show in college, it was that song that opened every show for a year. Of course as I got into blues, Little Walter Jacobs also came onto my radar pretty quickly. I was dabbling in harp myself, and Walter is the Charlie Parker of blues harmonica. Now, both these guys are fully equipped to kick ass. Surprisingly, this track turns out pretty mellow, but it’s got a great sound, and the footage is great. Particularly, this is an interesting moment in time because this video is said to be from 1967. Walter died in ’68, and Hound Dog wouldn’t even be recorded until ’71. Here we have a dying legend sharing the stage with an underground figure, yet to be a legend in his own right. So bluesers and boozers, dig in and enjoy. Also, see if you can see Hound Dog’s extra fingers, (he was born with Polydactylyism) I didn’t but maybe you will.