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Review: Glenlivet Nàdurra

I had a rough day.   I won’t over burden you with details, but the crux of things is that I was pretty pissed off when I left work.  Peeling out of the parking lot pissed.  Being that circumstances often fall out of our control and all that bullshit I’ve stewed and steamed and leveled my head, but I still feel unsettled and could use something to take my mind off things until I hear the Rolling Stones at  6:30am and need to face another day.  Tonight that something shall be a treat.  The way I look at things there are several way I could have dealt with my frustrations.  I could have had a drink when I got home and let the anger fester within me until I felt low instead of angry. By now I’d be Don Draper drunk and bitter and there would be no joy in it.  That’s alcohol abuse, and by that I mean a waste of good booze.   I could have been destructive in some way or gone out and tried to chop down a tree with an ax.  I could have just remained an asshole all night.  That’s probably what I do most of the time. What I did was vent and let myself cool down.  As the hours have passed my mood has improved and that means that now I can enjoy a drink, and tonight I have just the beverage to reward my Gandhi approach, Glenlivet Nàdurra.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, which no one actually is, you’d realize this is the most expensive booze I’ve had the honor to waste words on.  It’s certainly not because this site is raking in big bucks—I got lucky.  I have a great father and he lets me sponge up some of this excellent nectar he got for Christmas.

I’m no scotch connoisseur.  Actually, I rarely drink scotch, mostly because the scotch I can afford is piss.  Somehow, people who know me somehow still ask me “What are you drinking, Scotch?” constantly.  Usually I insist I don’t drink scotch, I drink bourbon, and most of the time people either don’t know they’re both whiskey (whisky) or don’t know how different they are.  As I sip Glenlivet Nàdurra I am for once happy to say, “Yes, I am drinking scotch, and it’s damned good.”  How good you ask?  Why are you still rambling, you ask?  Well let’s just say that if I could afford this I’d drink it often.  I’d probably even start drinking less bourbon.  The problem, as I see it, with Nàdurra and most drinkable scotch: price.  This bottle is roughly $65.  I usually spend around $20 on a bottle of bourbon and thoroughly enjoy that, and am proud it’s not priced for the elite.  The elite price does provide quite a bit though.  Glenlivet Nàdurra is a 16 year old scotch aged in bourbon barrels.  That explains its sublimity.  That, and the fact that Glenlivet makes a LOT of scotch and know what they’re doing.  This single malty goodness is bottled gracefully at cask strength, 54.2% alcohol (108.4 proof in our words).  I say gracefully because it’s so smooooooth.  There’s a little bite that hits your uvula, but from the tip of the tongue all the way down there’s such a gentle warmth that spreads slowly to your extremities and brain.  Of course the taste is what matters most, and Nàdurra doesn’t fall short.  In fact, after my first sip I remember thinking “the roof of my mouth even tastes good.”  My impressions start off with an almost apple like bite followed by a pear juice sweetness and finishing with something like peaches and cream.  The supple and oily consistency of the drink lingers on the surface of your tongue and every time I exhale it tastes like vanilla.  Yeah, this is nice.

Drinking Glenlivet Nàdurra I feel like I finally truly enjoy a scotch.  It’s still too expensive and a bit too highbrow, but from time to time we all have the right to shrug off our worries and indulge a little—with Glenlivet Nàdurra I can sit back and forget that I’m poor and had a rough day at work, because inside, I’m feeling like a million bucks—or $65.

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