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Let that Boy Boogie Woogie: Muddy Waters’ At New Port 1960

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Excessive Volume


In early July 1960, Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island played host to the seventh Newport Jazz Festival.  In retrospect, the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival was a harbinger of the decade to come—fraught with conflict and controversy.  The first conflict was between some musicians and the festival itself, as jazz legends Max Roach and Charles Mingus started their own Newport Festival in protest to the low wages paid to the less mainstream musicians.  The biggest problem faced by the festival, however, was a chaotic police intervention into a drunk and rowdy crowd outside of the festival, some of whom had been unable to get into the sold-out event.  Eventually the riot would reach full pitch with the use of crowd dispersing fire hoses and tear gas and, finally, the arrival of the Rhode Island National Guard—a scene that would continue to repeat itself throughout the decade.

If the troubles of…

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