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Dylan Goes Electric

On this day in 1965 Bob went electric at the Newport folk festival. The legend says he was booed off stage, and that Pete Seeger wanted to cut the feed to the PA with an ax. It was a sign that in fact “The Times They Are A-Changin;” Dylan won’t be tied down or limited by genre or form. He would go on to receive death threats, and create some of the greatest songs ever before burning out in 1966 (and having a serious motorcycle accident). Another crucial day in music history.

Recommended Listening: Dylan live in 1966 at the “Royal Albert Hall.” The Judas show, really at the Manchester Free Trade Hall, and really one extended session of genius.

3 responses to “Dylan Goes Electric

  1. Jeff ⋅

    Hey Ryan, the old man turned me on to your blog. Enjoying it immensely. I’m looking forward to more whiskey reviews to get ready for the coming winter!
    For your viewing and listening pleasure:

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