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Today has been a day of many nuisances and annoyances that drove me to stress and crack, yet at the end of the day it all works out okay, right? Well today it did, luckily before I lost my shit. Anyways this lovely Robert Johnson song, Kindhearted Woman Blues goes out to the stabilizing forces of my crisis, my girlfriend who helped moderate my insanity, and another person, who kindly sent me a beautiful delicious gift. I’ll go further into that in the near future, so tick around and watch for updates. Also, you’re getting both the takes Johnson recorded of the song in this youtube, so check out the slight differences between the two while you wait for my “gift” review.


One response to “Kindhearted Woman Blues

  1. mark ⋅

    Excellent stuff. I am a massive Robert Johnson even though it’s a bit cliche. But I don’t mind.
    This was the first tune he ever recorded so it is strange to realise that the guitar solo in it, is the only one he ever recorded. When you look at the songs he played in that first recording session you get the feeling that he’s trying his best to impress, different tunings, different keys and this solo.
    I haven’t heard this for a while because I’ve always got my certain favourites of his I go to, so I really did enjoy listening and comparing. Cheers

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