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So in light of yesterday’s brief stint of patriotism I feel I need to toss some balance onto the blog. Annoyingly I’m unable to find a decent video of Bob Dylan performing “With God on Our Side.” You can listen to it yourself and stare at the ceiling contemplatively, or you can watch the stupid montage thing I’ve provided. Regardless, the point remains the same, an attack on blind patriotism and the idea that America has the manifest destiny; not only to spread across the continent, but to spread our virtues and our goods and our filth and our bullets in the name of the divine. As Dylan notes, if God is on our side he’ll stop the next war. Then came nam, and some 4 million people died for nothing. Very few of those were Americans, of course, so maybe God is on our side—or napalm, Agent Orange and daisy cutters. Dylan states, “I’ve learned to hate the Russians, all through my whole life,” and now our kids are learning to hate Islam and any other person of a darker tint. We have a War on Terror, which means we’re taking Roosevelt’s advice on having nothing to fear but fear itself. We’re so scared we’ll bomb any Stone Age village that harbors a boogey man. I’ve rambled enough, listen to Bobby, he says it better. Here’s your Fourth of July grain of salt.

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