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Getting Back on Track

I’m well aware that I’ve been sparse on this new blog of mine.  While I enjoy this release of the words that clutter my head, I’ve had a lot going on that have drained my words and occupied my mind.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve spent 3 night playing music til dawn, far more nights playing music until alcohol overwhelmed my willingness to be awake, and have had a hell of a great time thanks to my old home friends—they’ve again departed back to grinding life.  So be it.  I’ve blown off a few reviews I meant to do, sadly, and that means I’m going to have to drink those bottles of booze again.  Oh, dash-it-all. Anyways, this is my solemn and unsworn vow–I’m going to try to do more posting until the next collapse into madness.  I’ll probably branch out a bit too.  I’d like to show a little more than the booze and blues of me, but we’ll see if I am able to make that work.  Until the next post…

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