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Social Media on Social Media on Bourbon:

ImageSipping on bourbon in the late evening the television flashes something about Smirnoff sorbet, and the DD is eating sorbet out of a martini glass, blah blah flavored vodka, fuckin blah. But this reminds me of a trend I’ve been seeing on Facebook.  I am a fan of a lot of adult beverages on the Facebooks–surprise.  Well I’ve noticed that some of them tend approach their social media in different ways.  Let me just take some examples out for you.  First up is Bulleit: the responsible one.  I’ll let this sink in.  The bourbon that is branded as frontier whiskey and has a name that sounds like something that can tear holes in human flesh (like the lining of your stomach, for instance), is the one that is responsible.  Bulleit likes to make every other post about responsibility in fact.  For example one they use slogans like: “With maturity comes great character & responsibility,” “enjoy responsibly and create your own luck,” and “love bulleit responsibly.” My guess is they have some pretty cautious lawyers.  But they have a good point; drink is something to be respected.  Then again, I write a spirits blog that I refer to as a booze blog, and which at times portrays a less than moderate approach to love and respect.  But that’s just me.  The other end of the spectrum is Buffalo Trace.  The guy who posts for Buffalo clearly loves his job.  He sits on the internet all day (I imagine he keeps inspiration nearby) and he finds memes and e-cards about drinking bourbon.  Some examples from them are: “Friday is the beginning of my liver’s work week,” “I’d like to apologize for bourbon’s bad behavior this evening,” “I tried to log on to your iPad but turns out it was just your kid’s etch-a-sketch and you don’t even have an iPad—also you’re out of bourbon,” overly manly-man’s “comfort food? You mean bourbon?” and Mark Twain’s classic quote “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

ImageThe point here is that they like a little excess. I enjoy that.  It’s entertaining.  Then again, everybody posts tons of cocktail recipes.  I have a feeling 80% of people who like bourbon enough to like them on Facebook, probably either think cocktails are those little hotdogs or know how to make something Facebook couldn’t handle.  Then again, some people post recipes for 5 liters of Sazerac.  So that’s my rant on social media about social media, talking about bourbon. By the way, here’s that Sazerac Recipe:

Sazerac recipe for 5 Lt Barrel:

4 bottles Jeffersons Rye(750)
1 1/2 cups Sugar in the Raw
52 dashes Peychauds Bitters
Zest 4 whole lemons over top, letting rind fall into the mix.
Spray glass with Absinth
Chill and strain into rocks glass.

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