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I’m not quite sure Dr. Isiah Ross has an M.D. Maybe he does, but I’m gunna go out on a limb and say the good doc is more familiar with treating cases of the boogie-pneumonia. Maybe Dr. Ross is some kind of voodoo doctor, because the dark and repetitive thump of his guitar and bass creates a dark and primal rhythm, which the good doctor punctuates with incantations from his punchy and screaming harmonica. This is deep roots shit. Doc plays the blues the way it was born to be played, and by the way, if you missed it, he does it all by himself. One man band. Drums, harp, guitar, vocals–and not the way some hipster makes an “EP” in his parents basement by recording all the tracks, no sir–Dr. Ross let’s loose on all his instruments simultaneously, live. Unfortunately there are not more videos of the good Doctor, because I have a couple of his old records he did for Arhoolie, and there is plenty of great stuff to be had.


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