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Enjoy a guest review from our Senior Gin Correspondent, Ben Winston

Broker, as in stock broker, as in corporate crony, as in a man who values status, appearance, and reputation. The bottle stands tall and proud, reminding the sipping sinner he’s suckling the World’s Best Gin, so says a committee who might know such things. The broker is arrogant, but  often correct. He is a man of the suit, of the bowler hat, clean cut and cut throat. A broker is precise, always precise, and its namesake doesn’t disappoint in its precision. A precise 94 proof, no more no less. Strong, warm juniper in the mouth, easing into a soft burn of the throat. A pointed gin, a gin with purpose. A gentlemen’s gin. Steady yourself with sips, or let yourself loose with gulps, the tainted water tingles every nerve, gives your taste buds a welcome overhaul and invites you to consider a higher class of living. Broker’s Gin: an elite peek for the every man.

Check out Ben’s blog at analogbananalog.wordpress.comImage


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