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13th Colony Southern Corn Whiskey

To answer your first question, the 13th Colony is Georgia.  For those who are either geographically illiterate, or from another country (I couldn’t expect you to know where our states are) Georgia is in the south.  This is a whiskey review.  So there you go, whiskey from Georgia, 13th Colony Southern Whiskey.  As these Georgians refer to it as corn whiskey, we are led to believe this is a relative of bourbon, whiskey that is primarily a corn mash bill—my skimming research indicates the difference comes in the aging process as this is aged in used barrels.  I think.  Anyways, what matters is what’s in the bottle.  Oh, and that fact that it’s an awesome bottle–it kind of looks like a pot still.  But right the liquor.  Them Georgia folk are bold, and they’ve bottled this stuff at a Georgia hot 95 proof that’ll have you doing the Atlanta Strut until you’re tripping over yourself.  Maybe I’m already drunk, or maybe I’ve had too much Old Grandad 100 in my day, but I’m sipping this stuff chilled neat and, praise the lord, I can taste it!  My throat isn’t burning like a plantation on Sherman’s march!  This is a very well balanced whiskey, and you get a ton of sweet buttery corn taste right out front—like it’s straight from the cob. There isn’t too much complexity to this whiskey, it’s soft, sweet and leaves a wonderful numb and greasy feeling on your tongue.  It’s clear this is a young whiskey, but it’s not immature in any way, it’s just a little lighter and sweet.  If you’re looking to taste the charred oak of bourbon, you’re in the wrong place.  I’m probably wrong, but this seems like it’s been in Chardonnay barrels or something.  In the end, this is an affordable, hand numbered, small batch whiskey that’s light on the palate and warm in the stomach—and I think it’s a fine beverage.  The bottle is also awesome.  When I finish this one I’ll have two for matching candle holders.005

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