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Review: Tuaca

Tuaca.  Yes, that is an I-talian name.  It’s liqueur, and that is rich person speak for flavored booze. According to ancient mythology and Wikipedia, some crazy 15th century guy under the influence of the art patrons the Medici’s took some brandy, added other stuff to make it sweet vanilla citrusy brandy, and boom, Tuaca.  The Medici’s probably needed a muse for their other starving artistic wards.  Let’s get to this fancy stuff.  In the traditional manner of tasting a fine liqueur I stick my nose deep in the stuff, to get a sweet burning up my nostrils not unlike a floral honey flavored nail polish remover.  Apparently I like that, because I dive right in.  This certainly is a fancy drink my friends, and yes, vanilla is all up in there.  But it’s not too heavy, and this is where things get good—the brandy is still a dominant flavor.  If my memory serves me well, which it sometimes does, Bushmills 10 year (which is whiskey, not some flavored fancy drink) actually has a more dominant vanilla presence.  There’s a lot swirling around in this little port glass.  There’s a touch of spice, then maybe some orange peel, a little something like nutmeg, and …garlic?  Damn, I contaminated the test with garlic bread.  Better double up to clear the palate.  What I like about Tuaca, is that it could pass for being regular liquor.  I’m drinking it neat, slightly chilled.  Usually with liqueurs, I need ice (melting) to cut the syrupy sweetness.  Not Tuaca. It’s better neat.  But enough rambling. Do I like Tuaca? Yes. I think it’s a liqueur for folks who have the cajones to drink straight liquor, and need something that sounds less alcoholic to drink before dinner.  Tuaca: It’s not brandy, it’s an “aperitif.”Image

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